I asked a question relating to the usage of an English phrase on Meta and would appreciate the opinions of ELU folks. (I'm not sure if I can stop with that, or if I should repeat the question here. Also I'm not sure if I should ask people to weigh in here or there.)

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    The Spanish site has cómo pedir ayuda (how to ask for help). The Portuguese site has Ajuda sobre Perguntas (help on/for/about questions). Would either of those be an improvement?
    – tchrist Mod
    Apr 29, 2017 at 18:05

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I agree that "Asking Help" is a slightly awkward phrase because it looks like "asking for help," but "Asking for Help" wouldn't convey the same meaning as "Asking Help."

"Asking help" means "Help with asking." It would be akin to having a sign that said "Writing help" at a literacy center. In that sense, you can even use it in a sentence.

I went to the literacy center for writing help.

I clicked on the link for asking help.

It's also intended to be short and succinct, which "help with asking" is not.

So IMHO, it's probably fine as it is.

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