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I am Name welcome to yourmathtutor, Maths is a difficult subject for the most and studying it by yourself can be a bit hard, here in our channel we focus on helping you learn the subject faster and from an exam point of view.

We guarantee that you can go through the entire syllabus in under 12 hours. We will have syllabus targeted for different universities in later stages and for now, we are starting with University_Name

So if you are thinking you will not pass the coming exam, now think again isn't it too soon to lose hope?

English is not my first language and this is an introduction that I wrote for the channel.Is there anyway website or discussion forum where I can get peer reviews or get suggestions on making it more expressive and precise

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  • @Andrew Leach any help – Sachin Divakar Oct 25 '17 at 17:23
  • Sachin please see the duplicate. That question lists the services we know of. If you find a better one, please do add another answer there. – Andrew Leach Oct 25 '17 at 18:14

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