Is there a subsite of stackexchange where I can ask about the interface between different languages? I tried the following question, both it and the inverse (English words in Greek sentences), and it's only been met with, I think, some annoyance.

Maybe, a linguistics site?

I think that, in a given pronunciation, a word with primary stress on one syllable cannot ever have another syllable stressed instead.

So e.g. the word tomato in RP, has its stress on the second syllable


And there's no sentence you can write in RP in which it falls on the 3rd syllable and not the 2nd.

And the same holds for e.g. the Greek language.

My question is somewhat obscure, apologies.

I want to know if someone can say a Greek word' e.g. φίλος, which has its primary stress on the 1st syllable, in perfectly Greek accent, but stress only the 1st syllable.

Perhaps due to using the word in an otherwise English sentence, coupled with differences in how stress is reflected in English and Greek.

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    linguistics.stackexchange.com but you'll need to rewrite your question entirely, it doesn't make much sense as is. – Mitch Nov 11 '17 at 4:04
  • @Mitch hm i can't tell what's making sense. i got a comment, honing in on what i should edit it. i'll see what happens, thanks – concerned Nov 11 '17 at 4:08

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