Some days nearly the entire front page is questions "on hold":

enter image description here

I suggest/request some mechanism to filter these out of the display. Perhaps a "not on hold" like "newest" and "featured" and the rest.


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Change requests like these would have to be accepted by the dev team, and once accepted, prioritized, and once prioritized, delivered.

The first step is by no means guaranteed, the second step has to compete with an existing list of high-priority features, and the last step alone takes 6-8 time units.

In other words, don't hold your breath. In the meantime, as as @Matt E. Эллен said in the comments, you can use the closed:0 (or closed:false etc) operator in the search bar on the main site to get a list of non-closed questions. If you combine this with other sorts and filters, you can get a front page which precisely like the current one, sans closed questions.

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