According to Monica Cellio's Meta SE answer to Is chat room transcript link permanent? (from November 2017):

rooms with little activity are auto-deleted, meaning that only users with high rep (10k on that chat server) can see them

But I can't figure out what the process is for seeing the content of deleted chat rooms.

I clicked on the comment containing the following link to a chat room:

Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat.

But I only got the "page not found" page, which I assume means the chat room has been deleted. I can't figure out how to view the deleted content, even though I gather I should be able to since my ELU account has more than 10k rep.

I wondered at first if I had to log in separately for chat (since there was a "log in" button at the top right) but I seem to already be logged in.

enter image description here

  • If I click the "chat" link when I'm on EL&U, there's a button at the bottom of the "site" page that says "show frozen/deleted rooms"... Do you see that? I can then search for "discussion-on-answer-by-graffito" and find it. – ColleenV Jan 27 '18 at 0:21
  • @ColleenV: Yes. I can see frozen/deleted rooms from the ELU chat interface, but not when I try to go to the room using one of the links left when a moderator moves comments to chat. – herisson Jan 27 '18 at 0:23
  • Yeah, you have to wend your way through - can you see the transcript link? chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/45517/2016/9/17 – ColleenV Jan 27 '18 at 0:24
  • @ColleenV: Ah, I think I figured it out! The moderator comments didn't use https links, so they don't work now. That's annoying – herisson Jan 27 '18 at 0:24

The problem is that your credentials are associated with the https version:


And not the http one in the link.

  • I see. So are all of the links in the old moderator comments linking to deleted rooms broken now? – herisson Jan 27 '18 at 0:25
  • @sumelic Apparently. At least for viewing rooms that require higher privileges to view. Maybe MSE mentions this. – tchrist Jan 27 '18 at 0:26
  • 1
    @sumelic Moderators can edit them to add the https - just flag them if you come across one. – ColleenV Jan 27 '18 at 0:26
  • @ColleenV Done. – tchrist Jan 27 '18 at 0:27
  • @sumelic Is it in the chat room under your answer? chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/45518/… – ColleenV Jan 27 '18 at 0:30
  • @ColleenV: Yes! I must have just copied the wrong link. Thanks everyone! – herisson Jan 27 '18 at 0:32

Edit: Looks like this bug was fixed. If you have 10,000 reputation network-wide you will be able to see the now-deleted chatroom.

Original answer:

While tchrist is right about HTTP/HTTPS, there is actually a valid link to the chat room on the page. It's just hidden:

"Object moved to here." under the header

This is a bug and has already been reported on the main meta.

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