Presently I can only paste a URL into a comment and the word processor chooses what title to say in red.

How do I add my own title to the link ?


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This confused me too, because the style of link used by the graphical user interface tool in questions and answers creates a footnote style link that does not work in the comments. Hypertext Markup Language does not work either, so you need to use inline markdown links, which I suppose makes sense given the relatively short and transient nature of comments.

Inline links are written with square brackets enclosing the text, and parenthesis enclosing the U.R.L., like this:

[Hey! Visit Stack Exchange!](https://stackexchange.com)

The result of typing that into a comment should be like this:

Hey! Visit Stack Exchange!

You can read more about Markdown formatting options in the help center, and details about what hypertext markup language can be used in Stack Exchange posts at Meta Stack Exchange.

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    And [Hey! Visit Stack Exchange!](https://stackexchange.com "Visit SE") will add a tooltip. It might work in comments: let's see... Hey! Visit Stack Exchange!
    – Andrew Leach Mod
    Mar 4, 2018 at 18:56

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