I've tried asking a question but the page shows the message:

Sorry, we can't accept this question.

Here are the exact characters typed into the textbox:

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    what's a consumer-tech weblog / website?

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    Hi all, what's a consumer-tech weblog / website (and why is it called that way) ?

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There are automated filters in place that prevent questions from being asked which are likely to be closed. In your case, your question was very likely to be closed as general reference or off-topic, and the SE framework discovered this and prevented you from asking the question.

There is more information here: What can I do when getting “It does not meet our quality standards”?


There are certain quality filters we apply to incoming questions.

Make sure your question has

  • a clear title
  • a reasonable explanation of what your question is, sharing your research on the matter
  • correct use of English and actual sentences

Also, if your question is so brief that it could be looked up in a dictionary or reference book/site trivially, it might not be a good fit here.

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