When the pointer hovers over a tag, a tag popup appears. This is fine if you move the pointer to the tag, but it is a nuisance if you scroll the page and the tag slips under the pointer. Can you work it so that scrolling doesn't trigger the popup, but moving the pointer still does?

  • Since this is a feature-request that will be about the whole site, may I suggest proposing this on the global meta site?
    – Bassie-c
    Jan 13, 2019 at 1:25

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No, please don't.

I rather have a consistent site that always shows these descriptions when my cursor is on the tag, than one were these descriptions sometimes don't pop-up. Adding this feature will cause a lot of unnecessary confusion.

These tag buttons are really small. If occasionally my pointer ends up on one of the tags after a scroll, I am willing to just move my mouse a bit.

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