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I've just discovered this site hoping someone could proofread a small description of my new open-source project. However the FAQ specifically disallows it. Would anyone kindly point me to site that does offer this kind of service?

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Our sister site Writers does accept critique requests (they have a dedicated tag for those). However, make sure that you meet their guidelines.


The StackExchange network doesn't have anywhere offering proofreading. Expecting to find such at English.SE or Writers.SE is not unreasonable; however, both sites have declared proofreading off-topic as being too localized, and as a straightforward process of correcting technical errors, rather than questions to be answered or problems to be solved.


Last I checked, Writers was OK with proofreading requests.

Writing critique questions are also welcome here, provided you tag them as critique – and provide details and context for your writing, as well as some direction on what type of feedback you're looking for.

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