I looked up my edits, and I found out that I had 275 edits. However, the Strunk and White Badge says 80 posts edited will get the badge. Is there some kind of a catch, or did I misunderstood the badge? What about the Copy Editor's badge. Some guys had 800 edits, and they still don't have that badge. Why is this so?

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Let me see how giant a quote I can get away with...

List of all badges with full descriptions:

Strunk & White


Copy Editor

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    Whew! You got away with that! – Thursagen Jun 4 '11 at 11:44

Both the badge descriptions make a reference to the number of edited posts, not the number of edits; this means that multiple edits for the same question (or answer) do not count.
I also think that only the edits made on the other users' posts are considered.

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