In this question, the question of having a CW tag so that community wikis can easily be browsed through cropped up. Could this be implemented?

  1. This would be a meta tag. Which are strongly discouraged across all sites of the network.
  2. There is no need for a tag to begin with. Use the Advanced Super Ninja Search Options:
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Essentially, that tag would be considered a meta tag; even in the case it would be considered a meta tag, it would still be a bad tag. A tag describes what is the topic of a question:

  • marks the question as being about the etymology of a phrase
  • is for questions related to adjectives
  • is for questions related to the meaning of a phrase

If I would see a question tagged , I would get it's a question about Community Wikis, which would not be on-topic on EL&U.


That's just what I was looking for! I was sure there was such a tag when I was going to browse all wikis on the website, but then it turned out there wasn't. I say we make such a tag. It would be a bit of work, though, to do it by hand, though we could get started with that if our Overlords haven't the time to implement this ...

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