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Why are some questions on the question page darker than others?

I've really tried to figure this one out on my own, but I give up. What determines whether or not a question is shaded with a green-tint background on the ALL QUESTIONS pages? I'm just hoping it's not something obvious.

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A question is shaded green if one of its tags is in your "Favorite Tags" list on the right column of the page.

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This is highlighting questions with tags that are in your favorite tags. If you haven't manually added any favorite tags, the system will detect when you have a certain level of activity in a tag and infer one for you. If you manually add a favorite tag, the system will not infer a tag for you.

You can customize your favorite (and ignored tags) in your profile. You can also customize these settings in the right sidebar of the homepage and the /questions listing.

If the system is inferring a favorite tag for you and you would prefer not to have any questions highlighted, you can simply add a nonsense "tag" to your favorites. Perhaps ? (:

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  • Thanks for the additional helpful information. – Callithumpian Jun 13 '11 at 20:03

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