I have accepted an answer to my question, but my reputations didn't increase by 2. Why did that happen?

I haven't reached the daily reputation limit; I think.

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    The +2 from acceptance isn't affected by the daily reputation limit anyway. If you earn 200 in a day and then accept an answer, you'll earn 202. Aug 13, 2020 at 20:50

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You received 2 reputation points by accepting the answer to your question but someone downvoted your post and you got -2 so it didn't show up (i.e. +2 -2 = 0).

Your initial reputation was 101 then you received +10 from an upvote and your reputation became 111 then you accepted the answer and got +2 from that and then someone downvoted your post (-2) so the total reputation became 111.

Here's a screenshot of the votes on your question: Votes on OP's question

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