I came across this question:

Should personal pronouns always be placed at the end of a list?

This question was closed eight years ago as duplicate of some other question. That question is not visible. Why is it so?

Screenshot for reference:



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This happens for all old duplicate closures, look e.g. here for more examples.

Back then, the duplicate banner was edited into the post itself:

enter image description here

You can start to edit the post to see the 'source code' of the banner.

The only way to solve this is to reopen the question, and close it again as a duplicate (and edit out the original banner). We do this sometimes on Meta Stack Exchange (there are many people with dupehammers there); on main sites, basically only ♦ moderators can do that. But as you can see, they would have to do that on many posts. I don't think that's an option.

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