"Resistance decreases with temperature". How to interpret this sentence? doesn't seem like an unreasonable question to ask on ELU, but it's been summarily closed with the "justification"...

...because it belong [sic] to an SE site on physics or EE

It might have been acceptable to migrate to ELL, but I personally wouldn't be inclined to do that with this exact question. Imho it's not that obvious that X increases / decreases with Y implies that both variables always change "in tandem". Noting the closer humans get to them as recently asked on ELL, I suspect some people might assume that the construction involved here simply means If X changes then Y changes (but not necessarily in the same "direction").

Anyway, I won't keep on. If you agree with me that the question is acceptable (it's What do these words mean?, not What are the laws of physics?) then please vote accordingly - to reopen, on the linked question on the Main site, not for this Meta question!

  • I think reopening was well justified. There is a tendency from some contributors to fail to see past the specialist content of a question to the English. In this case a fragment of physics was sufficient to prompt such closure. And so it is that we too often see questions like this closed whereas a similar question about "... expectations rise with affluence ... " would probably have been acceptable to these contributors.
    – Anton
    Dec 14, 2021 at 10:21


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