I am interested in finding a present-day pronunciation that I could point to as close to that which was spoken in Shakespeare's era, much as if I were directing one of Shakespeare's plays and were advising performers. I am not seeking information about vocabulary, syntax, or grammar.

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    Check out the transcriptions in Görlach's Early Modern English. From my ear, they sound a lot like a strong modern Irish accent. May 23 at 16:41
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    However interesting this post may potentially be, it is possibly too broad for our format. You might try asking for a phonetic guide to Elizabethan English, but that will probably end up in meta, where other similar posts usually get migrated to. May 23 at 16:41
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    Pose this question on YouTube. There's a wealth of videos addressing it.
    – DJohnson
    May 23 at 17:22
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    An answer here (a reference for Elizabethan pronunciation, would be a very welcome addition to our ELU meta reference guide.
    – Mitch
    May 24 at 14:53


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