Once again the site design has been disrupted by a standard change.

This is how Help pages used to look: Old style, weight 400

They now have really bold titles: Current style, weight 700

Because of the size of the heading, this unbalances the page. It seems to work better on sites using the standard sans-serif font, or Palatino for serif, but doesn't work with Georgia. I suspect that that's because Georgia is not an old-style font, but rather transitional.

The new weight is achieved with the CSS font-weight: bold. Please consider changing this to semi-bold with weight 600 font-weight: 600 since the font stack should support that. If a particular font doesn't have a "semi-bold" weight, or the client software support that, then the fallback is to use the next available heavier weight (700 or bold). Mock-up using weight 600

Better still would be to match the font-weight: normal serif font used for questions: Question title, normal-weight serif font


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