I have a question relating to the proper formatting for multi-paragraph block quotes under APA-7. This would appear to fall under "usage", but I know that StackExchange communities tend to be very specific about what is and isn't on-topic for them, so I thought I'd ask first.

If this question is off-topic, where should I ask it instead? Preferably, this would be somewhere else on the StackExchange network; Quora is an AI-ridden cesspit, and Reddit isn't always good for useful answers either.

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No, not on-topic here.

Our topics are

  • Word choice and usage
  • Grammar
  • Etymology (history of words’ development)
  • Dialect differences
  • Pronunciation (phonetics and phonology, dialectology)
  • Spelling and punctuation

Note that usage goes with word choice: how to use a word you've chosen.

Writing's topics are

  • Non-fiction, technical, scholarly, journalistic, or professional blog writing, including the presentation of examples, charts, and diagrams.
  • Writing fiction, poetry, scripts, or song lyrics.
  • General copywriting, style, and organization.
  • Questions asking for help expressing a concept or an idea, within limits.
  • The publishing and editing process itself.
  • Questions about specialized writing tools.

Your question falls under "General copywriting, style and organisation," and should be asked on writing.se. They even have a tag for APA.


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