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This is not really a feature request, but more of an analysis of current state in respect to quality of question on EL&U. To formally turn it into a question, I pose the following:

Is there a metric that is more adequate to judge the quality of questions than the raw score and if yes, what is it?

(but only from data on the actual site; external reviews, references and opinions are good, but out of the scope of this question).

I feel that judging the quality from top score questions is not enough and can lead to wrong conclusions on the health of the community.

Here I will propose a few other views

  • top favorite questions - results
  • top questions according to views/score ratio - results
  • top views questions - results

Accidentally, the second query that looks at the ratio, if sorted in reverse and will show some of the 'disappointing' questions - the ones that a lot of people will read and a lot of people will not vote up. Here are the results for that one (the queries have different cut offs for score) - you will find some of the recently discussed low quality questions here.

If you have other interesting queries feel free to add them to the question or in the answer.

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