has roughly 250 questions. Some of these questions are good; some not as good. Today I saw a question I thought was skirting the danger line and noticed it only had the tag and I paused to wonder about the tag.

I don't have much to say on the subject other than, "I don't know what to think yet." This topic has come up a few times in chat and the responses seem mixed. So, in an effort to foster some good discussion, what are your thoughts on this tag and its questions?

  • What are the best examples from this tag?
  • What are some bad examples from this tag?
  • What can we do to improve questions with this tag?

Note: I personally really like the idea of doing these styles of "tag reviews" much like we just indirectly did for single-word-requests. To be clear, I am not proposing any specific action regarding questions tagged or the tag itself. This is meant as a good place to offer thoughts and potential advice for people who care about the tag.


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