I made a mistake in my question, and commentators have corrected the mistake. Rather than correct the mistake (thus rendering the comments out-of-date and making an answer look silly), do you think it would be better to strike through (line through) the original mistake or to prefix with a question mark?

The proscribed medication

The proscribed prescribed medication

The ?proscribed medication

And incidentally, is using the HTML strike tag the best way to render a strike through, or is there a built-in one (such as there is for italic)?


It's probably best to just fix it silently and flag the comments as obsolete. The extra noise from a strikethrough or question mark probably isn't worth it.

As for strikethroughs, the <s> tag is the only way. Markdown has no special strikethrough code.

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    First, he refers also to an answer ("making an answer look sill"y), not only comments. And secondly, why would you zap the commenters who contributed? – Theta30 Sep 5 '11 at 19:09

The main issue is with the answers, not the comments. Yes, I recommend you to strike through. This is what I did here.
This way the answers do not necessarily need to be updated (you need to appreciate the effort spent) and still make sense. You may need to inform with a comment within the answers that you have changed your question.

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