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We are closing this domain naming thread. It is asking the entirely wrong question. See this blog post for details: Domain Names: Wrong Question

We're going to keep the name english.stackexchange.com. But we WILL be setting up redirects from the more "popular" domains names. (e.g. seasonedadvice.com to cooking.stackexchange.com, basicallymoney.com to money.stackexchange.com, and others as we go through the list).

New question: "Write and Elevator Pitch / Tagline!"

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Per the seven essential meta questions:

The search for domain name typically starts very early during the private beta. And for good reason: Naming is really, really hard. Add to that, the rare commodity that good domain names have become, and there’s no wonder why there is such angst that this process not be made public.

But rather than saying “we can’t discuss this at all,” we take our chances by having these discussions openly in the community. So far, we haven’t seen any problems. But, if a muse visits you in the night and personally entrusts you as the keeper of the perfect, amazingly good domain name, feel free to email me privately.

When considering domain names, keep these basic guidelines in mind:

  • The domain name should be available. You can check domain name availability here.
  • Prefer dot-com names over other top-level domains.
  • Prefer non-hyphenated names.

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Since there may be — again, IANAL — copyright issues with OxfordComma.com, how about the lesser-used term


It's available, though the term is less common than "Oxford comma" or "serial comma" as far as I know.




  • I don't think this site is nearly pedantic enough for that name to be appropriate (darnit). – J.T. Grimes Sep 15 '10 at 16:45


since badenglish.com isn't available

  • ThisBadName.com or NoUseThis.OK/?=ItStupid – Mateen Ulhaq Nov 18 '11 at 6:26



I'd use this site to find the correct word for something or find the correct usage etc.










  • I'm surprised this has 2 downvotes. I'm interested to know why it is so distasteful. Please add a comment to enlighten me. – JWEnglish Sep 17 '10 at 15:16





Cos they are so hilarious




  • 9
    Can you explain this name, Andrew? I don't get it. – delete Aug 28 '10 at 14:25
  • @delete moc.erifybnettims... Nope. – Mateen Ulhaq Nov 18 '11 at 6:28

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