Why are some flags declined when the question is being closed anyway? Is there a set of rules to decide if each flag was helpful when closing? Since the flag drew attention to a question that needed to be closed, isn't it helpful regardless of the type (excepting, of course, spam and offensive flags)?

I ask because I flagged this question as general reference, since the user could have looked in any dictionary and found the answer (that one of the words is not a verb). The flag was declined, and the question was closed as "not a real question."

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  • Someone reviewed your flag and disagreed with your reason. Also, I found a dictionary entry where the word was used as a verb, so your assertion is incorrect. – simchona Oct 7 '11 at 21:55

In my opinion it should have been marked "helpful" since the question was ultimately closed -- i.e. the question needed intervention of some kind. Regardless, every moderator has slightly different opinions so keep flagging!

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Who marked your flag as invalid is not between the users who voted to close the question. In fact, the question has been closed from 5 users who are not moderators, while just moderators can mark a flag as invalid.
The flag involved different users, who had different opinions on the question; that's all.

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