These badges are described:

  • Deputy: "Achieved a flag weight of 500 by reviewing and flagging appropriately"

  • Marshal: "Achieved a flag weight of 749 by reviewing and flagging appropriately"

My flag weight was 470 when I passed the 3,000 reputation threshold and gained the privilege to cast close votes. How is it possible to achieve the Deputy and Marshal badges when I can no longer flag posts?

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You can still flag posts as:

  • very low quality (use for posts that are gibberish)
  • needs other ♦ moderator attention (use for posts that have something weird going on and needs a ♦ mod to look at)
  • spam (use for commercial spam)
  • offensive (use for offensive, abusive, or hate speech)

In addition, you can also flag answers as not an answer, for posts that do not directly answer the question (e.g. is a comment or a question).

  • +1 Most of my flags are on answers, though occasionally I ask to delete a blatantly off-topic question.
    – Daniel
    Commented Nov 1, 2011 at 15:33

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