Last week I passed 10K rep but the "tools" button hasn't yet appeared on the top menu bar. The bar has only the following buttons:

| review | chat | meta | faq |

However, I can see the tools page using https://english.stackexchange.com/tools.

Is this a bug?

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You should click on review, and then somewhere below toggle to tools. I discovered this myself after playing around for a while!


The first time you will need to click on "review" link you see on the top, and then on the "tools" tab you see on that page.


The link that you see on the top can be "review" or "tools," depending from the tab you last selected on that page: When you selected the "tools" tab, the link on the top will be "tools" too; when you selected the "review" tab, the link on the top will be "review" too.



Stack Exchange code remembers which tab you selected, and will show the link on the top bar basing on that every time you log in to the site.

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