The tag info for indicates the difference between it and and , but doesn't distinguish between it and .

Why is Term for an event being referred to by its location or date tagged but Is there a term for referring to an organization by its city rather than by its name? tagged ? Is one of them incorrectly tagged?

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The description for says:

Topics related to the body of terms used with a particular technical application in a subject of study, theory, profession, etc.

I think the difference is that in one case, you are asking about a technical term, and when to use it (); in the other case, you want to use a single word instead of a phrase, and you ask which word to use describing the context.
So, when you ask when the term metonymy is used, the tag should be , but when you ask for a single word to use instead of "fantastic event that leaves you in a such catatonic state that somebody could steal the chair you are sitting on without you noticing it," that should be tagged .

As you are referring to another question that is tagged in your own question, I think it should be tagged with the same tag.


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