Earlier I'd flagged a question that was tagged , which has been fixed. However, there are still questions tagged as such... I'm reasonably certain that this is not a tag we'd want to encourage. Could these be re-tagged and the tag blacklisted?


  • a sub-category of "not otherwise specified", an entry in a properties list "no know properties".
    – Mitch
    Commented Mar 21, 2012 at 14:48

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Thanks for bringing those to our attention. I've fixed all but one (which can only be fixed by a mod, it seems).

I believe is a system tag, so it can't be removed completely. One use is when a migrated question is tagged with tags that we don't have here.


Could these be re-tagged and the tag blacklisted?

cannot be black-listed because it is the tag that is automatically added to a question when a tag is removed, and that tag is the only one used from the question. This happens because a tag that is used from just a question is deleted after 30, or 60 days. is also used when a moderator of another site migrates a question on EL&U, and that question doesn't use any tag used on EL&U; as the tags that don't exist in the site where the question is being migrated are deleted, replaces those tags, when the question ends with no tags. (A question always needs to have at least a tag.)

Instead of flagging the question, you could have found a pertinent tag for that question, and suggested an edit. As far as I remember, suggesting an edit to add a tag, or replace a tag is allowed.

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