I want to be able to use ELU.SE to help promote proper usage of the English language (in specific: synonyms, definitions, and spelling). How can this link (below) be added into the FAQ section to let users know how to improve their English language skills?

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  • for your title question there are:

  • For your first sentence, ELU is populated more by descriptivists than by people who want to enforce prescriptivist standards. Which I would say is actually better. The people you inform will get more than just a standard answer but also the variants by region and formality. But more often than not, you'll get a single answer for just one variety or one level of formality and not necessarily the 'standard' one. Also, there is more than one standard, and even within a standard there is disagreement. So you might get that nuance or not. What I'm saying there's no guarantee here of getting the 'right' answer.

  • For that link in particular, I'd say it would go best in the 'General Reference' question I just mentioned. And you can go edit it yourself. Since you don't have a lot of rep yet, it won't automatically get edited, but a high rep person can approve the edit.

    • but in general, to add something to the FAQ, start a question here (specifically about the edit) and a moderator might be convinced to edit it (normal users can't).
  • Thank you Mitch. Jun 15, 2012 at 19:40

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