Is it true that some sites have site-specific hats? If so, I believe these may all be secret ones. For example, there is a rumor of tinfoil hats available over at Area 51, but this is not confirmed yet.

Here are a few secret hats (circled) that turned up at MSO:

hat pic

But I have no idea of the circled ones are general or site-specific.

Do we have any secret hats of our own at ELU?

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Ok, it looks like there may not be per-site hats after all. From this MSO post:

When we were going to do custom hats for each site, we talked about tinfoil hats for MSO and Skeptics (as a joke!) but then realized: there just wasn't time. We'll consider them for next year, as hopefully we'll have time for per-site hats in the future.

It might even be true. Time will tell.

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