Say, there is "maxim" vs "aphorism" question. I want to know the difference between "tenet" and "maxim". Do I edit the first question, extending it with the new concern, or create a new one?

  • A question about tenet is at most "related" to the linked question about maxim vs aphorism. Besides, tenets are more about beliefs, whereas maxims and aphorisms are often just sayings, which you may or may not believe. Aug 17 '13 at 16:38

I think you have answered yourself: a new concern is a new question. One important consideration is that adding a new concern would invalidate, in part, every answer which has already been posted.

You should edit

  • to fix grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • to clarify the meaning of a post without changing it
  • to correct minor mistakes or add addendums / updates as the post ages
  • to add related resources or hyperlinks

[from edit questions and answers]

but should not edit to change the meaning of the post.

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