Since this site is about English usage, the standard search engine for the site which filters out "stop words" is going to be problematic since many of the questions on the site will be about stop words.

Obviously just eliminating the stop list isn't going to be a practical solution, but maybe there would be a way to allow indexing stop words if they are in quotation marks by themselves, or if they are italicized by themselves. In those cases, it is pretty clear that they are being use as words qua words and are contentful, and not as typical function words that deserve to be filtered out of search indexes.


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It would be helpful to have separate "stop-word" database for each site (or at least for sites where the StackOverflow stop words are no good). An example of a stop-word that would be useful on the English site is "vs". If you try to search for something containing "vs" in the search string, you will get a load of un-relevant hits.

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