A recent question has been retagged with “professions” as a tag. Previously, only one question had that tag. Although I don't personally see a need for that particular tag (and a hundred other little-used tags) I realize that personal preferences are not the best basis for deleting or changing tags. If a complete text list of tags were available, it might be easier to find a suitable and more frequently used tag, and thus provide adequate reason for removing some of the little-used tags, or recording them as synonyms of others.

Instead of a complete text list being available, the list (as I see it) is broken up into 22 hard-to-search small pages of about 36 entries each. The three sort orders – popular, name, new – and the single-term search box do not provide adequate access to the list of tags.

Does anyone know how to get a list of all tags, in one piece instead of dozens?

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Courtesy of another user I present the following...


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