What happened to the blog post Closing questions: how do we compare? from February 2013?

I have found a link to this blog post on another meta where it was mentioned as a source of an interesting graph comparing percentage of closed questions on various websites. When I wanted to see whether this blog post contains more details about how the data were obtained, I found out that the post does not exists.

Google search for "closing-questions-how-do-we-compare" shows that this blog post have been mentioned on this site's twitter account and in chat.

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I removed it because the data I collected were incorrect, so the conclusions I drew were incorrect.

This comment from Shog9 explains the problem:

Hey, Matt… You neglected to limit your query to questions – since answers can’t be closed, that skews the numbers considerably. See: http://data.stackexchange.com/english/query/98700/closed-questions-from-2012-by-score

Also, ~20% of questions on EL&U have been deleted, many of which were closed as well – since those aren’t public, they tend to skew the numbers also.

I haven't taken the time to get the correct data, so I've not put the post back up.

  • Thank you for the explanation!
    – Martin
    Sep 8, 2013 at 7:56

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