I have written a paper recently. The reviewers were intrested in the material of the paper the topic and its novility but unfortunately they had serious concerns about the quality of its English.

I just wanted to ask you friends, how is it possible to improve the quality of my paper using this place. I mean is it possible to break some parts of the paper into smaller parts and ask you friends to help me to improve it?

Thank you so much....

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    if you have specific questions about spelling, grammar and word choice we would be delighted to help. Critique of style and proofreading, though, are off-topic. You may also be able to get help here. Nov 16, 2013 at 6:48

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Questions such as "Does the word novility exist?" or "What is the difference between how it is possible... . and how is it possible...? would be welcome here so long as you have done some research of your own, and need help interpreting the results. If you ask without any background, many people are likely to assume you are just too lazy to do the work yourself.

And, as Brian said, proofreading is off-topic; 'how to improve this piece' is both off-topic and primarily opinion-based.

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