I have read Etiquette on duplicate questions , but it doesn't give me practical advice about what to do.

I have been trying to track down all questions like "do I need a hyphen in the one handed sailor?". I have given them mostly the same tags for better visibility. I have posted a comment "possible duplicate", with a link to the oldest of their kind that I could find. I have added some tags to the slightly different questions and left them alone apart from that. Did I do it right? Should I do something else, like flagging or voting to close? I have heard that moderators can merge questions, but I do not think I can do anything to help with that.

These are the duplicates I have found, oldest first:

What is the correct use of the term "related?" For example, should I use it like computer related, or is it more proper to use computer-related (where the word "computer" is just part of my example?)

Are the cases where it is used in one form and case in another form, or should it always be used in only one way?

Is it chainsaw-equipped or chainsaw equipped? And with what kind of former words to use "-" properly?

I'm in the "on-time" camp when it comes to describing, for example, delivering something by the deadline. Is this the correct usage?

asked by Jason

Are you specifically referring to using it more as an adjective, e.g. We provide on-time delivery or also something like We will deliver it on time? – Dusty

if you can differentiate between the two, that would be ideal. – Jason

I noticed that the phrase 'one-act play' always uses a hyphen between 'one' and 'act'.

Is there a grammar rule in play here, how does it work?


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Flag it for moderator attention!


It's also fantastic if you can cite the URL of the duplicate, or vote to close it as a dupe of the other question via the "close" item under the post.

More context on duplicates:

  • Okay, I have flagged them all with a link to this page. I haven't cast close votes yet, because I want to be sure I am using the same idea of "duplicate" as, you know, everyone. Jan 22, 2011 at 4:00

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