I had thought to chat with a specific user, but I don't see any way to invite anyone to chat, and I am wondering if using the @username formulation will cause a notification to appear in a user's notification queue?

  • Here's something to try. If they've ever posted in a chat room, click on the user name - if it's not already a link, there's an option to open a chat room with them. If you try it, please comment here on whether it pinged them as part of the process. – Lawrence Mar 16 '16 at 2:20

If you create a chat room you can invite a user to it. The limitation is that the user has to have used chat before, in order that they have a chat user to invite.

First of all you have to find the user you want to invite.

  • visit the chat.se users tab
  • type in the name of the user you want to invite: SE chat search, users' tab.
  • select that user by clicking on their name

Then you need to create a room for you both: Chat user page, hilighting chat room creation button

Then an invitation is sent by the system to that user, which appears in their SE inbox, like comment pings do.


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