Here is the state of the tag as I wrote this question:

usage tag

On the the tags page, appears with the first seven words of the excerpt truncated, rendering it mostly useless:

truncated on tags page

Furthermore, the tag popup shows an outdated version of the except, containing the redundant "Questions concerning", which I removed yesterday:

outdated popup


Temporary invalid popup was a caching bug (fixed - to be deployed later)

Currently this is the regex that we use for shortening:

            (this\stag\s(is)?\s?)  # this tag .. this tag is|about ...
            (used\sto\s)           # this tag is used to ...
            (the\s[^\s]+\stag\s)   # the {foo} tag ...
            (the\stag\s[^\s]+)     # the tag {foo} ...
            (\s(is|are)\s)         # blah blah blah is|are ...

are is hitting in the first 40 chars, so its dropping stuff before it. Can you rephrase it so this filter does not hit?

  • 1
    Thanks! I changed the wording of that tag; however, that last clause in the regex seems to me like too big a dragnet that will mangle more than just this one tag.
    – nohat Mod
    Mar 28 '11 at 5:36

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