This morning I tried expanding the list of comments of an answer, but it doesn't work.
I tried also on Stack Overflow, on How to quickly theme a view? and I was able to expand the list of the comments for that question. It seems it is a issue on EL&U.

EL&U and SO report to be using different revisions of the software; while Stack Overflow uses the 2011.4.4.1 revision, EL&U uses revision 2011.4.4.4.
Still, when I tried on programmers.SE (e.g. on What should a developer know before building a public web site?), I was able to expand the list of comments. It seems the problem is specific to EL&U.

I am using Firefox 4.

  • It works again for me too.
    – apaderno
    Apr 4, 2011 at 21:08

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Now fixed, see

Add comment, flag, delete links are broken

for details.


It looks like the bug happens when you link to an answer, i.e. the end of the URL contains a # followed by an answer ID. If you delete the # sign and everything after it, then expanding comments works.

I don't remember seeing this before, so it definitely seems like a new bug.

(I'm still on Firefox 3.6.16, FWIW.)

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