What's the ELU position on flagging very recent low quality answers?

When I use the review queue for first posts there are a lot of very low quality posts. Sometimes other users have already commented on the post along the usual lines, welcome, add some sources, etc...

Let's assume the post itself is very low quality in its current state and an hour old and the comment is half an hour old, so both pretty recent. Am I supposed to purely act the current state of the post? I.e. flag VLQ and move on or is there a general policy that I should skip it to give the user time to improve the answer? I assume that the latter possibility will just make it pop up in someone else's review queue, which increases the overall review effort.


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Am I supposed to act purely on the current state of the post?

I act on the post's current state. I choose whether to comment, edit, flag, vote or simply move on, and I act quickly. If someone edits it later, the post will be cleared from the VLQ review queue.

It's worth noting that VLQ flag option for a post is automatically disabled after 7 days, or if somebody upvotes it.

If you comment on a first answer, do you simultaneously flag it as VLQ?

I don't usually take more than one action on a First Post.

So if there is a one liner with just a word, that would fit, but there are no sources. Do you flag VLQ or do you write a comment suggesting to add something and welcome the new user? Both seems appropriate.

If I have time on my hands, I'd edit it myself, or leave a comment. Else, I'd downvote it, or flag it as VLQ.

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