We receive a large number of questions about the proper use of pronouns, which in turn means that many of these questions are closed as duplicates.

These aren't all duplicates of one another, though: there are actually several topics involved. It’s true they’re related, but they’re not all the same, and the topic is confusing enough that I think it’s a good idea to focus on one main topic per question (and to have a separate question for each topic, so that people can write detailed answers that aren’t too long).

I think we should have a better dupe target for questions about the order of pronouns in coordinate noun phrases (in particular, the “me/I last” rule). By "better" I mean "more focused on this particular issue."

We already have dupe targets that specifically address case in various circumstances.

Case of pronouns in coordinate noun phrases.

Case after the copula.

Case in sentence fragments.

So I think it's best if our dupe target for pronoun order doesn't focus on the issue of case, which is well-covered elsewhere. This seems to have been the original intention of the OP, but I'm unsure what to do now that the title has been edited for so long and it's accumulated several answers about case.

What's the best way to deal with this situation?


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