While doing some reviews, I was made aware of the existence of the tag. Given that we are a Q&A site which focuses explicitly on answering questions as objectively as possible and discourages subjectivity, this seems like a tag that should go the way of the tag that was recently removed.

Admittedly, our don't-ask page does allow that some subjective questions are permissible, but I don't see how tagging a question as subjective actually helps except to mark it for probable death.

In addition, of the mere 10 questions tagged , at least 3 should probably be instead (except we don't have a tag for that at the moment...); the questions that are really asking for a subjective opinion are at least 2 1/2 years old.

question list:
What would I call an instance that handles animations; Animator or Animater?

"Him" vs. "His" in a gerund subject phrase

preposition + genitive vs non-genitive subjects + gerund

What is the difference between "He seemed to be angry." and "He seemed angry."?

How common is "thrice"?

Does "hopelessly lost" sound awkward?

Word for "held up well over time"?

What are comparative strong points of online dictionaries and other useful reference sites?

What are some good books on articulation?

What is the most eloquent way to transition into pointing out a major flaw in someone's thinking?

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    Please someone, for maximum irony, tag this meta question with subjective.
    – Mitch
    Jan 26 '17 at 20:38
  • Or turn it into a tag for the grammatical term :) Jan 27 '17 at 8:19

I'm answering because, from my experience on the question, no one feels they have the authority to do more than vote.

So go ahead and remove all the tags from those questions.

Sadly, I not believe it's in our power to blacklist the re-creation of the tag. We'd need a StackExchange employee to do that (not even an CM; I believe a developer has to do it).

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