This answer to Is there any word for “killing someone by conspiracy”? got into the Low Quality Review queue, where it got six “Recommend Deletion” votes (and no others) and the review is labeled as completed (at 2017-01-27 15:29:15Z — 10 hours ago).  It currently looks like this:

Review completed 10 hours ago:
Cascabel reviewed this 10 hours ago: Recommend Deletion
Wrzlprmft reviewed this 10 hours ago: Recommend Deletion
Spagirl reviewed this 12 hours ago: Recommend Deletion
NVZ reviewed this 14 hours ago: Recommend Deletion
Scott reviewed this 19 hours ago: Recommend Deletion
Nathaniel reviewed this 20 hours ago: Recommend Deletion

And yet the answer is not deleted.  (Neither the revision history nor the timeline indicates that it was deleted and undeleted.)  Why is this answer still extant?  Is it just because none of the six voters has delete privilege (≥ 20K rep)?  Is it because the answer got three upvotes (and one downvote)?

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It's because it had a net positive score at the time that six recommends were racked up.

There's a notice on it. Eventually if the user doesn't return pretty soon and fix it up, it will probably be deleted, either by three 20k users once it's negative, or by a moderator.


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