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English Language & Usage - Blog Archive

There was some good material in the blog that EL&U used to have. This Meta post brings back some of them, with each blog post preserved as an individual answer below. Index Why did I delete your ...
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Attracting new and interesting questions in 2018

Retreading old ground This has been batted around several times before on Meta, but I think it's worthy of a periodic refresher. With that in mind, it would be counterproductive to duplicate-close ...
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Excessive number of fundamental questions

More and more the site seems to be invaded by questions from users whose grasp of English is rudimentary at best, asking something (often indecipherable) about an unquestionably fundamental point of ...
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Proposal for selective blacklisting

Enabling selective notifications on ELU Other busy sites like Stack Overflow have pop-up notifications that trigger on various titles and tags, but we do not. For example, this is an outright ban when ...
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Do we need to write the better questions ourselves?

In the ELL-Post-Apocalypse chatroom, KitFox made a very interesting observation (gently edited here for dramatic impact): We have gotten diluted with basic questions because basic questions fill our ...
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Extraordinary spike in low-quality questions by 1 rep users

I can't keep up with them, the brand new users who have 1 rep. There's too many, they're swarming the site and often their questions consist of one or two lines with no context. All the following ...
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Please vote for the most exemplary single-word-request questions (to be put in Help Center)

I think the current questions listed are not that exemplary. (Although, I don't think they are awful; there are certainly better alternatives.) This is one of the most common question types we get and ...
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A simple proposal towards improving question quality

Encouraging Better Questions I would like to encourage the asking of better, more substantial questions. Every day we receive many brief, low-quality questions that are unlikely to elicit anything ...
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Where are our new Yoichis or How I stopped worrying and started to love the ELU-ba-bomb

Suggestions are sought for interesting questions or motivators for interesting questions to ask, both general ideas and specific. The mechanics of the SE system (closing, voting, moderating) have ...
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Could more questions from senior/experienced users benefit ELU?

The majority of the questions asked on this site come from new or junior users for obvious reasons but, despite some notable exceptions, these questions are not rarely put on hold for not meeting ...
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Shall we make a list of Low-Quality-Questions regularly on Meta?

As Mari-Lou A pinpointed in Extraordinary spike in low-quality questions by 1 rep users, we have been swamped with Low-Quality-questions (LQQs) recently and it has been overwhelmingly difficult to ...
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How can I write good questions?

Please don't direct me to the Help Page. I need guidance that the Help Page doesn't give. I am a native English speaker, and know only basic grammar. I know when something sounds right, I know when ...
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What is wrong with my question and how could I have done it better?

I was reading the meta post on coping with downvotes in which ColleenV made an excellent point about how receiving multiple downvotes warrants a closer look at the post in question. Earlier today I ...
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AI as a solution to the deluge of off-topic questions?

“English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts.” This is the first sentence on the Tour page, yet ...
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Blog as Canonical Repository

TL;DR Let's use the EL&U blog as our repository for canonical posts. UPDATE: the site's blog was closed some time after this post was made (it has since been archived on Meta). The blog is ...
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