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Use of EL&U as a lazy programmers resource [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is Python a snake or a programming language? If the latter, why is it choking my dog? I've seen several Questions lately typified by this one, which quite shamelessly solicits ...
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Waning gap of acceptable questions

After a couple days of break I revisited EL&U to find about a third of questions on the main page marked [closed]. It appears anything that can be looked up in more or less obscure source (NOT ...
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Should we discourage vague titles?

I've seen several titles that are so vague that you only know what's being asked by reading the question body. Recent examples: What is the correct way to write this sentence? Which one is the ...
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Should we update our site's policy against helping programmers choose names to use in their software?

There are only two hard things in Computer Science:cache invalidation and naming things. ―Phil Karlton Today we received yet another request for naming help: Is there a term which covers both bank ...
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How to deal with homework questions

What is the community's stance on people asking homework questions on the site? There was a recent question that got me thinking about the issue; this question seems like a blatant copy & paste ...
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Is "review queue" onomatopoeic?

Martha's flabbergastery over the onomatopoeia question's closure raises a question in my own mind: What is the review queue actually for, anyway? The only reason I voted to close that question was ...
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English Language & Usage programming variable/classes rule question

I asked this question not too long ago: I was trying figure out a word, term, or phrase that means the same as last added by. I prefer something concise. For context, I have a database table ...
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Context, context, con-text

There was once a man who was renowned as one who knew English very well. And it wasn't just idle hear-say either, he definitely had earned the reputation. People would come from all over the country ...
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Titles that do not describe the question properly should be edited

Before asking my latest question, I searched for "compound sentence conjunction". Most of the questions' title were so uninformative that I had to click through each time to know whether my question ...
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Should one always remove all context before asking a "what's the best term" question?

I recently posted a question which got put on hold as being off topic. I since edited my question but it initialy went like that: I need to name a configuration value that describes how much time a ...
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