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Why are (advanced) users answering poor questions in comments? [duplicate]

I just went through the close review queue and found the following questions which are typical of a problem I've been seeing recently: 'In tone' meaning A question that relevant to commas ...
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Why are answers being posted in the comments on the question?

For example: Etymology of "to coin a phrase" I have seen this several times on this site, and it seems to be a departure from how things are done on other sites in the SE network and how ...
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Replacing our "research" close reason: Completed

Update: Closing remarks The phrasing I suggested in an answer below is now live: Background We have a massive problem with close votes. There's no sense in placing blame — we've been on this path ...
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Is SE enforcing "no answers in comments"?

The practice of commenting with answers is ubiquitous practice on ELU, and the merits/flaws have been discussed at length. However, is it the case that the greater SE is trying to put a stop to this ...
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May I speculate in comments?

The question What does "make the Iacke go" mean? has received four answers, all of which propose theories as to what the phrase means. Under it are also some comments that, to me, raise an ...
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In relation to answers in the answer section, what is a "complete answer"?

I made the following partial answer a comment to the question "Word choice: to parent somebody?": One can certainly parent with tolerance (and love, and kindness, etc). But the verb parent isn't ...
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Why are we moving all the comments to chat?

I've seen a lot of lengthy comments sections being moved en masse to chat. The reason I discovered this site and began relying on it and eventually joined it was because of a comment by tchrist on the ...
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Reason for removal of a comment?

Shortly after the question Is “On Sundays my sister and I never play hockey” correct? appeared on the main site I posted a brief comment explaining how the placement of On Sundays makes sense in a ...
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Finding comments that are 'no longer needed' (e.g. 'thank you' and general junk comments)

Purpose of this post (what type of answers do I expect) This post is meant to get answers in the form of one or more links to Stack Exchange Data Explorer queries which list comments that are ...
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Qualitative 'boundaries' for what it means to answer in comments

The topic of answers in comments has been brought up before (here and there and elsewhere), with MrHen providing a good summary of the community's attitude: My opinion on that subject is that ...
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Why was "What is the difference between '[I] may [be] …' and 'even though … '?" locked?

Overview The question What is the difference between “[I] may [be] …” and “even though … ”? was recently locked. I had posted the following comment: In this context, may normally implies the ...
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What is the difference between a comment and an answer?

New member here. Why do some people answer the question in the comment section? What is the difference between a comment and an answer?
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What is the current policy for answering questions?

The Issues I encountered two related issues within the last 24 hours. I'm only using these instances to highlight what some contributers who do not have a high reputation get met with. Earlier ...
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