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Why are (advanced) users answering poor questions in comments? [duplicate]

I just went through the close review queue and found the following questions which are typical of a problem I've been seeing recently: 'In tone' meaning A question that relevant to commas ...
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Why are answers being posted in the comments on the question?

For example: Etymology of "to coin a phrase" I have seen this several times on this site, and it seems to be a departure from how things are done on other sites in the SE network and how ...
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In relation to answers in the answer section, what is a "complete answer"?

I made the following partial answer a comment to the question "Word choice: to parent somebody?": One can certainly parent with tolerance (and love, and kindness, etc). But the verb parent isn't ...
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Why are we moving all the comments to chat?

I've seen a lot of lengthy comments sections being moved en masse to chat. The reason I discovered this site and began relying on it and eventually joined it was because of a comment by tchrist on the ...
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Reason for removal of a comment?

Shortly after the question Is “On Sundays my sister and I never play hockey” correct? appeared on the main site I posted a brief comment explaining how the placement of On Sundays makes sense in a ...
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Finding comments that are 'no longer needed' (e.g. 'thank you' and general junk comments)

Purpose of this post (what type of answers do I expect) This post is meant to get answers in the form of one or more links to Stack Exchange Data Explorer queries which list comments that are ...
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Qualitative 'boundaries' for what it means to answer in comments

The topic of answers in comments has been brought up before (here and there and elsewhere), with MrHen providing a good summary of the community's attitude: My opinion on that subject is that ...
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Why was "What is the difference between '[I] may [be] …' and 'even though … '?" locked?

Overview The question What is the difference between “[I] may [be] …” and “even though … ”? was recently locked. I had posted the following comment: In this context, may normally implies the ...
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What is the difference between a comment and an answer?

New member here. Why do some people answer the question in the comment section? What is the difference between a comment and an answer?
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What is the current policy for answering questions?

The Issues I encountered two related issues within the last 24 hours. I'm only using these instances to highlight what some contributers who do not have a high reputation get met with. Earlier ...
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