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English Site Design

Hi all, I am Jin. I'm the designer who works on the design and CSS conversion for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. I'm very excited about the design for the English ...
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Hyperlinks could be improved for colourblind individuals

I quite like the design of the English StackExchange site - I actually think it's one of the best of all of them. I only have one rather serious complaint with it though, and that's the colour of ...
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Make blockquotes inside blockquotes better distinguishable

Given the nature of this site, it happens that one wants to quote something that contains a blockquote itself, e.g., as an example sentence. For example: A run-on sentence is something like this: I ...
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New theme: Banner, sidebars, footer

The new theming does not seem to be to anyone's taste, but we can't go back to the way the site used to look. Some features like fonts and page layout are now set across all sites, and we just have to ...
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“we tried to fix it”

EL&U needs rescuing A few days ago I posted the following: The new theme still sucks. There I said it, and in American English, too. There's an overall sense of claustrophobia, oppression, the ...
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Changes to block quotes in the pipeline

For some reference as to how block quotes used to look like on EL&U before the the theme was overhauled, see English Language & Usage's updated site theme is ready for testing! and Make ...
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My computer does bold on ELL but not on ELU

I have been "instructed" to come here and sort out my issue with bolding and italicizing text. Look at these words after the colon: just look. Do you see those terms, that is, "just look" in bold? I ...
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The Incredible Shrinking ELU Banner

Something awful has happened to the top of all our pages. Earlier today they looked like this: But now it has shrunk to a nearly unreadable proportion: The new version is completely shrunken, which ...
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"ELU updated site theme is ready for testing" is ready for voting, but still not visible

"ELU updated site theme is ready for testing" has been vigorously voted on. It turns out that currently it is 25 down and 10 upvotes. 34 down and 13 upvotes. At a net of -21 votes, it is ...
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We have until December 13

Here's an announcement for those who do not frequent Meta Stack Exchange (MSE). By 7 December, every site on the Stack Exchange network will adopt the new theme. With the final transition of the ...
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Colorblind-friendlier design

I am not sure what color links are on the ELU site, but they are really hard for me to see as I am red-green colorblind. Could we either change them to a color with more contrast or add a bottom ...
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Can we keep the previous green on English SE?

They are already quarrelling on meta about the accepted answer box getting a darker green. It looks especially disagreeable on ELU against the beige... I find it even annoying, but this is probably ...
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Is the background color of the ELU SE website based on the background color of the Etymonline website?

I was surfing etymonline and I found its background color exactly identical to the one of our beloved site. Is ELU’s background color based on Etymonline’s or is Etymonline’s based on ELU’s?
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EL&U's top bar stopped being elegant in 2013

This is how the top bar appears in October 2017 on my desktop. I like the search box, it's larger and it is clear. But it's off-center, it's like a picture frame that's askew, I want to align the ...
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Can EL&U please get its logo banner centered (again)?

The logo banner for English Language & Usage used to be centered. It was designed to be centered, way back when these things were created. How can I tell? Because it exhibits bilateral symmetry in ...
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