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What questions are on-topic and off-topic here?

One of the essential components of the FAQ will be the list of on-topic and off-topic subjects for questions. Let’s use this question to vote on what topics should be on and off topic.
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Getting our dirty words into one place

Currently we have tags for all of the following: taboo, vulgar, offensive, expletives, obscenity, euphemisms, pejorative, swearing, and insults This is a bit... excessive. So I'm now accepting ...
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How should I handle accepting answers when I don't know if they are correct?

I've just asked my first question here, and got some helpful answers. However, I am not by any means an expert on the English language, and therefore lack the capability to discern whether or not the ...
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Should we discourage the use of argot such as AmE, BrE, ELU, ...?

[With Addendum] Should we discourage the use of argot such as AmE and BrE—even ELU—[added:] in answers to nonspecialists' questions at ELU? Most visitors who find answers here come from ...
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Can we have some guidance as to what is on- and off- topic on this site?

This site has an FAQ. However, recently it has been made clear that the community-created definition for this site, as expressed in its FAQ, does not always determine which questions are valid and ...
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What's the bare minimum I need to add to this answer to meet specs?

I wrote an answer which is, I am told, "not in compliance with local attribution guidelines." What, if anything, do I need to do to this answer to bring it up to code? Do I really have to add "...
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New abbreviation for Oxford Dictionaries?

Oxford Dictionaries Online has had a major site revamp. Since its brand name is simply "Oxford Dicationaries" (not Oxford Dictionaries Online) and its URL is, I ...
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Why reject a suggested edit to add a link for a likely-to-be-mysterious acronym?

Below are two identical suggested edits. The first was accepted but the second rejected. Why? The reason given for the rejection was that the edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Both ...
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RIP Oxford “living” Dictionaries

Don't know when this happened, but Oxford Living Dictionaries is no more. It is now called Lexico (powered by Oxford) whatever that means… Tsk! You'd think they'd have the decency to consult us ...
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Should we add more abbreviations to "the list"?

Background: A recent question used the abbreviations "NP" (noun phrase) and "AP" (adjective phrase) without expansion. A commenter objected, recommending that such abbreviations ...
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Best practice for indicating sources

Is there a best practice for giving sources after definitions, etc. (in posts)? I've typically just added a "from New Oxford American Dictionary" at the bottom but was wondering if there's a better ...
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I want to know the meaning of 'OP?' [duplicate]

What is 'OP'? I want to know the meaning of 'OP' used here?
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EL&U Glossaries

Would it be useful for us to have two EL&U Glossaries on the site. The first could be for SE and EL&U specific abbreviations and acronyms, including ones that just happen to crop up a lot ...
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What does "NARQ" means? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: List of common abbreviations (NOAD, ESL, PIE…) I've seen "NARQ" in the below topic. But I cannot understand the meaning.
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Is there an index of acronyms commonly used by EL&U contributors? [duplicate]

Being relatively new to EL&U, I have more than occasionally come across an acronym (in a comment or answer) I did not know how to translate! OP is but one of them. To this day, I'm not sure what ...
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