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What should our domain name be? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline Note: We are closing this domain naming thread. It is asking the entirely wrong question. See this blog post for details: Domain Names: Wrong ...
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Is Python a snake or a programming language? If the latter, why is it choking my dog?

We've been getting a rash of questions asking, essentially, what a programmer should name methods or properties. One such was a request for a word that meant both "add" and "remove" because the ...
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FAQ On-topic/Off-topic List Revisal

Update: Yeah, so I sort of went on a brief EL&U vacation about a week after I started this topic, and forgot about it when I came back. Any last feedback before we push this live? I've changed ...
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Naming vs. Single word requests

It seems that naming is off-topic and single words requests are on-topic on this site. How do I identify whether I'm asking a naming question or I have a single word request?
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English Language & Usage programming variable/classes rule question

I asked this question not too long ago: I was trying figure out a word, term, or phrase that means the same as last added by. I prefer something concise. For context, I have a database table ...
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Questions about user interface design/wording

The first item under What topics can I ask about here? is Word choice and usage It seems this is OK when talking about how to describe the usage of a product, for example. But some people seem to ...
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Are menu titles off topic?

A recent question asking for a suitable "one-word menu title" has recently been closed ("off topic"). One of the reasons given in a comment is "...because each word request needs to be set in a ...
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Why can't we help programmers with English language usage?

As I understand it, questions about nomenclature, including language for use in coding, are considered off-topic at EL&U. Why is that? What was the rationale for deeming them as such? And does ...
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OK, I'll bite: Why was my post closed as unlikely to ever help any future visitors? an extraordinarily narrow situation that is not generally ...
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Why are questions regarding names off-topic?

I'm wondering about allowed non-alphabetic characters in English names, but the rules state that questions concerning names are off-topic. Would this question fall under that rule? And if so, is there ...
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Is this an appropriate place to ask for name brainstorming?

I have some brand motifs for a project I'm working on, and I want to ask the community for input on interesting names. Is English Language and Usage the best place to do so?
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Should one always remove all context before asking a "what's the best term" question?

I recently posted a question which got put on hold as being off topic. I since edited my question but it initialy went like that: I need to name a configuration value that describes how much time a ...
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Can I bring that question over here?

I have this naming / terminology question which I first posted on "Code Review" and then it was moved to "Programmers" and then it was closed. Would it be appropriate for "English", after some ...
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Use of EL&U as a lazy programmers resource [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is Python a snake or a programming language? If the latter, why is it choking my dog? I've seen several Questions lately typified by this one, which quite shamelessly solicits ...
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