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What good reference works on English are available?

Questions that can be answered using commonly-available references are off-topic. What good reference works on English are available, and what kinds of questions are they good at answering? General ...
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Google is not General Reference

The description for the "General Reference" close reason states, This question is too basic; it can be definitively and permanently answered by a single link to a standard internet reference ...
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Answers in comments

There are quite a large number of Meta.ELU questions about answers in comments, but none which definitively settles community opinion, mainly because they are rather old now, but also because they don'...
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Announcement: AI generated answers are officially banned here

It's really quite unbelievable, but artificial intelligence has recently gotten to the point where, given a question, it can give a stunningly coherent answer almost indistinguishable from a real ...
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What about an "etymological section" on ELU?

Whenever I post a question on the origin of a common expression or on the etymology of a word (something I often do, sorry for that) I regularly receive a fair amount of criticism about their "...
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Does the community think that we need a 'grammar, but too basic for ELU: almost any book on grammar will answer this clearly' close-vote reason?

A recent question on ELU: Is a noun always preceded by a determiner? I believe that this is so easily answered by looking at virtually any book on grammar (it could be argued that even dictionaries ...
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Problematic migrations to ELL (an ongoing thing)

Why does ELU keep migrating this type of question? Are they too cowardly to close them? A recurrent issue on ELL. It's like we are the poor relation that can have the awful questions dumped on us. See ...
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'Answerable by a dictionary' unsuitable for grammar questions

In a very welcome post, long overdue: Replacing our "research" close reason: Final review ... one of the new close-vote reasons is given as "answerable by a dictionary." Now, if ...
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What resources do I need to consult before asking a question?

Many Stack Exchange sites require that users do some research before asking a question. Does English Language & Usage have such a policy? If yes, what resources should users consult before asking ...
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What's off-topic about the question regarding the history of a slur?

The question When did Western newspapers stop using the term “Japs” in their publications? was asked yesterday and has really been riding the closure-rollercoaster: Expanded details: The first time, ...
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