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What good reference works on English are available?

Questions that can be answered using commonly-available references are off-topic. What good reference works on English are available, and what kinds of questions are they good at answering? General ...
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Word for disrespecting eldest half-sister by referring to her husband as girly-girl-manly-boy though he's amused but the rest of the family isn't?

Are these single word requests getting out of hand, or am I just still too new to this site to recognize a long-standing problem and standard ways of dealing with them? I thought that by using ...
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Can anything be done about mean-spirited requests for terminology?

tl;dr: Mean people suck, and we should not help them. EDIT: I don’t actually believe anything mechanical can be done here, and I certainly don’t expect a “closed due to meanness” reason. That’s just ...
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Single word requests, crosswords, and the fight against mediocrity

A call to action This topic has been brought up here numerous times before, most recently by JSBangs: I'm now of the opinion that single word requests should be either disallowed entirely or subject ...
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Is it really so important in English to find a single word to express a single concept?

Recently, this forum has seen many questions of the what is the single word for type. Is this really such a concern in English? Single words such as obfuscate or elucidate can obfuscate as much they ...
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On Answering Word Requests

I was recently informed by one of our moderators that: We're looking for answers from experts in the field, not experts at Googling. :) "You have to write an actual answer, in your own words. A ...
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Should I downvote multi word answers on single-word-requests?

Reading through single-word-requests questions I often notice that a lot of the answers are not 'single word'-answers. Instead they give a combination of words describing the requested topic. Some ...
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Renaming ELU to EnglishOverflow

May I suggest the following name changes: I think English Language Learners (ELL) should change its name to English Language & Usage (ELU) and ELU should become EnglishOverflow, just like ...
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Why the lack of voting on questions at ELU?

As a relative newcomer to ELU, I'm often struck by the lack of voting on questions here, and especially upvoting. It might be case that you receive many poor questions, but compared to for instance ...
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Are single word requests always welcomed questions?

Are there any cases where a single word request is not welcomed on EL&U? The FAQ clearly states that users should ask "practical, answerable questions based on actual problems." In which cases ...
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“What’s wrong with single word requests?”

In the proposal to merge ELU and ELL, the asker in passing mentioned: On the other hand, many native speakers actually ask questions such as single word requests which should not be the focus of ELU ...
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Are word requests allowed?

Is it okay to use this site to ask for words that fit a given definition? Dictionaries are great for looking up definitions if you know the word you're looking up, but not the other way around. I'm ...
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Please vote for the most exemplary single-word-request questions (to be put in Help Center)

I think the current questions listed are not that exemplary. (Although, I don't think they are awful; there are certainly better alternatives.) This is one of the most common question types we get and ...
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Three SWRs suddenly closed for being POB

Yes, I am aware that many users including tchrist ♦, and perhaps eight of the nine EL&U mods, really dislike SWRs (Single Word Requests) but for a mod to shut all three questions as Primarily ...
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Should we consider the creation of a SE exclusive for "Words & Idiomatic expressions"?

It seems that there is a lot of people interested in these things, but it may bother some that these are not objective type of questions for a linguistic SE. An example of this type of question is ...
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